Cummins introduces new compressor stage to Series 800 Holset Turbocharger

Cummins Turbo Technologies (CTT) offers advanced improvements to the Series 800 Holset Turbocharger with an all-new compressor stage. The Series 800 Holset Turbocharger from CTT offers a world class product for its global customers that focuses on delivering performance and uptime in high-horsepower industrial markets.

Already a key component of CTT’s product catalogue, the Series 800 Turbocharger takes a leap forward and has been revitalized to deliver significant improvements in performance, flow range, temperature capability and seal robustness.

The Series 800 turbocharger has achieved its best-in-class results by introducing technological advancements like:

High Pressure Ratio Compressor

Extended flow range

Thin wall stainless steel compressor cover

Lead free bearings option

High temperature capable turbine housing option

Improved seal and joint robustness

For the very first time we are introducing the High-Pressure Ratio Compressor (HPRC) technology on Series 800 Turbocharger. This product architecture increases flow range capability by up to 25% and is optimized for pressure ratios of up to 6.5:1. These capabilities have allowed our customers to uprate engines by 20-40% without the need to move to a 2-stage architecture. We have also enabled additional altitude capability for many applications. The HPRC offering also improves our product efficiency. These gains enable air handling architectures which have resulted in 5-7% BSFC improvements for existing applications during engine simulation work.

The new Series 800 Holset Turbocharger is available with a thin walled stainless-steel compressor cover, enabling us to increase capability without adding to our weight or space claim. We also offer lead free bearings, high temperature capable turbine housings and have increased robustness of our joints and seals.

At Cummins, our continued investment in research and development enables us to engineer new solutions for this market. We are currently in development of an integrated electronic wastegate for optimal flow control as well as focusing on turbine stage efficiency improvement. 

They are excited to be offering new innovative technologies to increase the capability of the HE800 product line without needing additional space claim. They have been able to leverage our technical engineering expertise and advanced simulation analysis to provide critical air-handling features such as higher-pressure ratios and improved efficiencies while offering more product robustness.” commented Brett Fathauer, Executive Director – Engineering and Research.

The performance results of the upgraded Series 800 Turbocharger have been met with enthusiasm from off-highway customers who describe the Holset product as “class leading.”

Post time: Nov-09-2020

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