The temperature of the diesel engine is too high. Can the thermostat be removed?

How does the thermostat work

At present, diesel engines mostly use wax thermostat with stable working performance. When the cooling water temperature is lower than the rated temperature, the thermostat valve is closed and the cooling water can only be circulated in the diesel engine in a small way without a large circulation through the water tank. This is done to speed up the rise of cooling water temperature, shorten the warm-up time and reduce the running time of the diesel engine at low temperature.

When the coolant temperature reaches the thermostat valve opening temperature, as the diesel engine temperature gradually rises, the thermostat valve gradually opens, the coolant more and more to participate in the large circulation cooling, and the heat dissipation capacity is increasing.

Once the temperature reaches or exceeds the main valve fully open temperature, the main valve is fully open, while the secondary valve happens to all close the small circulation channel, the heat dissipation capacity will be maximized at this time, thus ensuring that the diesel engine machine runs in the best temperature range.

Can I remove the thermostat to run?

Do not remove the thermostat to run the engine at will. When you find that the water temperature of diesel engine machine is too high, you should check carefully whether the diesel engine cooling system has such reasons as thermostat damage, too much scale in the water tank, etc., resulting in high water temperature, do not feel that the thermostat is hindering the circulation of cooling water.

Effects of removing the thermostat during operation

High fuel consumption

After the thermostat is removed, large circulation dominates and the engine gives off more heat, resulting in more wasted fuel. The engine runs below normal operating temperature for a long time, and the fuel is not burned sufficiently, which aggravates the fuel consumption.

Increased oil consumption

Engine running below normal working temperature for a long time will lead to incomplete engine combustion, more carbon black into the engine oil, thickening the oil viscosity and increasing sludge.

At the same time, the water vapor generated by combustion is easy to condense with acidic gas, and the weak acid generated neutralizes the engine oil, increasing the oil consumption of the engine oil. At the same time, the diesel fuel into the cylinder atomization is poor, not atomized diesel fuel washing cylinder wall oil, resulting in oil dilution, increasing the cylinder liner, piston ring wear.

Shorten engine life

Due to the low temperature, oil viscosity, can not meet the diesel engine friction parts lubrication in time, so that the diesel engine parts wear increased, reducing the engine power.

The water vapor generated by combustion is easy to condense with acidic gas, which aggravates the corrosion of the body and shortens the life of the engine.

Therefore, running the engine with the thermostat removed is harmful but not beneficial.

When the thermostat failure, should be timely replacement of the new thermostat, otherwise the diesel engine will be in low temperature (or high temperature) for a long time, resulting in abnormal wear and tear of the diesel engine or overheating and malignant accidents.

The new thermostat replaced by the quality of inspection before installation, do not use the thermostat, so that the diesel engine is often in a low-temperature operation.

Post time: Mar-15-2021

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